Monday, 24 March 2014

Onion and Kadipatha[Curry leaves] Chutney

My kids are great at re-christening favorite a way that will be easy for them to remember later.So when I tell them,I am making Palak dal,the next question is ...Ammamma Palak dal??And if I say no..Andhra Palak dal..they are ok with it too..but Ammamma ____________ [fill in the blank] is always welcomed with a smile. the menu was dosa and I was planning on dishing out sambar with it.My hubby asked me if I could manage a chutney ,and since we havent had Dosa in some days now,I was ok to it.
With an exam goer  teen and a lil one whose exams are around the corner,I am at most times ..spitting fire .:)
very sweet and lovable mommy I can be :D this request for chutney was asked ,while my hubby wore a fire proof Armour ...on the other side of the phone :) ....I suddenly felt the urge to make the hubby and kids favorite chutney...see I am not that bad :)

There is a history behind this Onion Kadipatha Chutney...When we were newly weds,visiting my parents,my amma was in full form ..ready to impress her son in law.Nervous as nervous can be,she still tried her very best.. :)..Our breakfast was petal soft white idlis,potato ishtew  and this amazing onion kadipatha chutney. That Feb morning,my new husband was at his best behavior and served himself 3 idlis..I was aghast!!My family starts off with a 4...however full we were..,and here I was seeing 3 idlis...
Well,I thought or spoke too soon..he was lunging for more idlis and spicy chutney.This exercise proved to be a rather long one ,and left us sweating post  stuffing our faces and my amma was smiling her best happy!!
This became my hubbys all time favorite chutney.

And it became a stable in our house.Then the kids came and they tried this chutney and fell in love with it went on..
One day ,when amma and achan were visiting us,she volunteered to make the chutney.Maa ke haath ka something else.She made it and it was soooooooooo yummy....I have no idea why i do the same thing and end up with 2 degrees less in taste :( ...but thats when this chutney was re-christened Ammamma Chutney!!!! Now my family has to manage with what I make,but they do get treated to the original chefs chutney once in a while ...So tonights dinner was Dosa ,Ammamma chutney and green tea to wash it down.
The fried onions ,garlic ,chilly and kadipatha

We need...

  1. Large Onions  4 to 5 sliced
  2. Garlic -4[this is an addition from my side]
  3. Red chilly-11 to 12[reduce or increase as per taste.I use Kashmiri chillys 1/2 and spicy chillys 1/2]
  4. Kadi patha/Curry leaves-3 to 4 fistfulls or more.the more the better
  5. Coconut Oil-to saute

The ground paste being friend after the tadka of mustard seeds ,redchilly and curry leaves

water and salt added

I added some more oil as the chutney was spicier that I planned it to be


  1.  Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
  2. Red chilly 2
  3. Curry leaves-1Spring
  4. oil 
  5. 1 cup water
  6. salt to taste

  Heat oil in a kadai and add the Onions,Garlic ,Red chilly and the Kadipatha all together.
Stir well and let it get a golden hue[no need for it to become brown ]
Take off the heat and cool
Grind to a paste.

Now take a little oil in the same kadai and

splutter mustard seeds,red chilly and curry leaves.Add the ground paste and add 1 cup of water and salt to taste. Boil till it reaches the desired consistency.I boil till it reaches the consistency of a thick curry.
Take off heat and add some more oil if you find it spicy.
Serve hot or cold ..with Idli,Dosa,Uthappam,Chapathi...
Ammamma Chammanthi

Thats my Ammas and my kids Ammammas chammanthi :)

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