Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Aam Papad [Mango layered jelly]-Dehydrated Mango Pulp

Mango season is is ample sunlight .We in India, are blessed with sunlight all through the year..mostly...except  rainy days...but the crisp ,neat cut sunlight of the summer is the best for dehydrating foods.Make hay while sun shines...Or...make fruit leather while sun shines :)

What we miss in Mumbai ,is the balcony /backyard space for growing whatever you want/drying whatever you want! But we do manage ,by making the best of  what we have.
I use the little space by our window...a little squeeze for  comfort ,but well..I manage.

The method is very easy and all it asks for is some patience ...the aroma drives you crazy,the temptation to take nips off the drying pulp is hard to fight!! 

This is the sweet version of the aam papad.My next lot is the khatta meetha one...salty and sweet and a hint of spice.Shall post the pictures and recipe once i get them ready.

Sun dries the pulp

Mango pulp- 1 kg

sugar[needed only if mango is tart]-1/2 cup

  1. Heat the pulp and sugar in a kadhai till thick.
  1. Cool and spread over greased plates or trays and set out to dry in the sun.[I covered the plates with a thin cloth as we have a lot of pigeon trouble ,here.]
  1. 3 days direct sunlight ,is what the recipe asks for,mine got ready in 2 days.Yay! to mumbai sunshine (Y).
  1. Peel off the aam papad and scissor into strips and roll or layer and cut into desired shapes.

Cut strips and roll them up.


Shweet Spicess said...

Hey 1st time to ur space :) Lovely Blog :) Im glad to follow u now :)
Also do visit my space and let me know how to like it :)

Suchitra Menon said...

Thank you so too have a lovely blog ,yourself :)

Monisha Chandrasekhr said...

Hi Suchi, i tried out the aam papad ...copied ur recipe and it turned out yum. Thanks for posting such awesome and delicious recipes

Suchitra Menon said...

Thank you so much Mona,for the feedback :)

Mehul Teli said...

Adding 2 pods of Cardamom (elaichi) to this aam papad recipe recipe will enhance the taste further Suchitra. You can even add a little bit of Kala Namak, Kali mirchi and some ginger powder to give it a spicy taste.

Suchitra Menon said...
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Suchitra Menon said...

Thank you ,Mehul for the tips..I have tried making the spicy one but ginger powder seems to be an interesting add..Thank you :)

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