Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pakistani Mutton Stew

Pakistani Mutton Stew

Mutton is a treat my hubby and me look forward to.It happens only once in a couple of months….so it is special and relished to the marrow ;)
The family favorite is a browned stew which is had with rice at noon and polished off with bread.paav for dinner..and if it remains,becomes a yummy grilled sandwich…
Or a Frankie.
When I was expecting my second baby,I got sick …it was jaundice.!!!At first it was the tension of what might happen to my unborn child..once the Obstetrician confirmed with me that all was well, next apprehension  was…how will I survive  the extreme diet restrictions. Its easy to prescribe it..not easy to abide by it ;) ;)
I would sit all day browsing all the foods I would indulge in after I was ok..and then I chanced upon this divine looking bowl of stew, Pakistani Mutton Stew …I was bowled over and noted the recipe,for laters!!
The moment I got the green signal from my Doc,,..the stew was happily bubbling away in my cooker!!!It has been a family favorite ever since …..

Mutton-1 kg
Onions -250 gms chopped-approximately 5 big ones
Tomatoes -250gms chopped
Green chilly-2 to 3
Ginger garlic paste -2 tsp
Yogurt-1 cup
Oil-3 tbsp
Dhania patha-for garnishing
Salt to taste

To be dry roasted and ground
Whole red chilly-8 to 10
Black pepper-10
Badi elaichi-2
Cumin [jeera]-1 tsp
Dhania[coriander]-1 tbsp
Cinnamon-1 stick

1.     Roast the dry ingredients and grind to a coarse powder
2.     In a heavy pot or cooker,heat the oil and put in the onions, green chilly and ginger garlic paste.Saute till the onions turn transparent.
3.     Add te mutton and stir it.Cook till the water dries up .
4.     add tomatoes,yogurt and the masala and mix well.Saute for a few minutes.
5.     Add enough water to cook the mutton…[this step I omit always..i like the mutton to cook in its own juice,and it does J
6.     Cover the pot and cook on medium heat till the meat is tender .
7.     Leave a little of the masala[I teaspn] for the last stir.It makes the flavors  even more drool worthy.
8.     Garnish with coriander and serve with roti or rice.

Another tip-I use chunks of raw papaya while marinating and cooking meat ,it’s a great tenderizer and once cooked,tastes yummy!!