Monday, 17 March 2014

Holi ,Rangoli and Nariyal Karanji

Holi is here and with it brings in a lot of madness.As kids I have played a lot of holi,though it is way different from the Holi that is played these days...
My kids choose to play or not,according to what they fee that year.
This year my Little princess has chosen not to play with water colours or dry powder.
She was rollingher eyes up and thinking how she could use her holi powder colours...I suggested a rangoli ad he little face just lit up...Yes Yes !!Amma...Yessss!!lol

I drew an outline on our doorstep with white crayons and helped her and her lil friend Diya with the outlines made from rice flour.They sat there with open mouths ,waiting for me to finish..and when I did,they jumped on and started filling the colours in.

I think they did a pretty decent job.What do you think?

My plan this year was to try making karanji/ghujia.I have never made this before ,but have tasted many types of fillings in karanji.And my favorite is the Ola Nariyalache Karanji[ fresh coconut filled karanji] famous in Pune .I wanted to try making it,but before that I tried a variation.Filling of fresh coconut and Condensed milk.Yummm
The recipe is taken from Gayathri Vantillu .

Naraiyal karanji

Maida 200gms
butter-2 tbsp
water to make a stiff yet soft dough

Fresh grated coconut 200 gms
Milk maid 200gms
cardamom powder
1 tbsp ghee

Mix the butter well with the maida .Add water little by little and make a stiff dough.
keep aside,covered with a moist cloth for an hour.

Heat 1tbsp of ghee and add the fresh grated coconut.Stir fry for a few minutes on a low to medium flame.add the milkmaid and mix well.Once the mixture leavces the sides of the pan,keep aside and cool.Add the cardamom powder and divide into equal sized ovals.keep aside.

Divide the dough into as many portions as the filling is made.Roll into small chapathis and place the filling.Stick the edges and /or plat the edges and fry over medium heat till they turn golden brown.
The original recipe asks for coating the karanjis in a one string sugar syrup.I omitted that step. enjo

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