Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pizza Paratha

Pizza Paratha

Left over chapathis can make a super duper "dabba creation"
I heat the chapathi with oil or ghee on a tava and then smear it with my homemade sauce and then a cheese slice.
Cover it with another chapathi and apply ghee over it too
Flip it till both sides are crisp...cut into 4 slices...serve

Homemade Sauce

Blend 5 to 6 tomatoes with 10 cloves of garlic ,  a little piece of ginger and a bit of coriander leaves...
Heat oil in a kadai . Saute  1 sliced garlic and pour in the blended tomato mix
Coverand  simmer for 10 mins ,or till the oil separates.
Put in 1 tsp of oregano ,1 tsp of kashmiri chilli powder,salt and pepper
Take off heat and use after it cools down..

This sauce sits fine in the fridge to close to a week.
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