Friday, 10 April 2015

Karikku Payasam or Tender coconut Payasam

Made this amazing Karikku Payasam or Tender coconut payasam/kheer for my husbands star bday...what's that?

 Well you see,we malayalees have two sure all do,but we are the crazy payasam fans..looking for reasons to make them,...the star we are born in,as in today being kartika is marked as our star bday,it is either a few days before or after the date of birth ....
It is usually marked on our calender when amma or dad call and remind us today is my jeevan saathis star bday...payasam of his favorite payasam...

Karikku Payasam...

3 tender coconuts
1Litre Milk
Jaggery syrup[to taste]
1 tetra pack of Coconut Milk(200ml)
Cardamom Powder
Fried Cashews

Boil one litre milk n make it half a litre..
Add the paste of two tender coconut flesh and jaggery syrup according to taste.{i used about two katoris of powdered jaggery and made a thick syrup by boiling it with some water..I did need to add more powdered jaggery later on as the sweetness was not enough ,for payasam]

Add a tetra pack of coconut milk

Mix well...add the flesh of one tender coconut ,cut into small pieces...
Add elaichi powder and fried cashews...

Yummmmy payasam ready
PS.. And well, drink the Coconut not use in the payasam...except to grind the flesh of the coconut ,probably.

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