Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Strawberry twist to the Banoffe pie

This is not the traditional Banoffe pie,but a major twist to it,with an addition of rum plum cake and strawberries.Not traditional ,but definitely tasty.

A friend was coming over for dinner and her kids love ,the little somethings I make for them.

So here goes....


Plum cake-1 loaf
Strawberries  sliced  2 cups+[3 or 4 berries for decoration]
Bananas sliced -3cups
flavoured cream[i used banana]-1 tin
milkmaid[condensed milk] 1 tin
brown sugar powdered-1/4 cup
whipped cream 


  • The condensed milk has to be made into a think caramel[Dulce de leche].I have tried 2 methods,both are easy.
  • 1.The method I usually stick to-dunk the unopened can of condensed milk into a cauldron of water and let it boil.Make sure that the water is much above the can,all the time..Reduce heat and keep it on a medium to low flame for 2 to 3 hours.This is a time consuming method ,but the outcome is gooey caramel.I prepare a couple of cans at a time and store them unopened ,for later use.Open the can only after it cools down

  • 2nd Method - easy and fast.We will need 100gms of brown sugar and 100 gms of butter.Melt the butter and  sugar in a heavy bottomed saucepan.Stir till the sugar is dissolved.Now add the condensed milk[1 full tin] and stir well .Boil for a minute .One minute should do,sometimes half a minute more. Don't forget to stir constantly. Cool the caramel before using it as a topping or as a bread spread

Now once the caramel is ready,all we need to do is assemble the desert. Layer sliced plum cake  on the bottom of a glass bowl .

Spread some flavoured cream over the cake.This part is purely optional.
Now arrange sliced strawberries in a neat layer.

 Sprinkle some powdered brown sugar over the strawberries.This step gives a glaze to the berry layer.

 Next is the banana layer.Load up on the bananas,they taste real good.

 Then is the layer of gooey caramel.spread the caramel evenly over the fruit layer.

 Its quite a sight...the caramel oozing out ,between the cake slices.
 End it with a whipped cream layer.
 The last few strawberries are used for the decoration. 
Refrigerate the desert at least for a couple of hours before serving .Enjoy!!!!

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