Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ripe Mango yumminess

Summers here,and so are the mangoes...well not really!but yea ,if you are ready to handover property and jewellery,you can get some of the ripe fruit..not necessarily sweet,but kinda ripe!

My lil girl is an ardent devotee of  the summer fruit,and she looks forward for the heat with so much zest ,that we pity ourselves...lol.
well,the story goes thus..whatever Anagha says,is the Gospel for my hubby..and lo and behold,we have a crate of "kinda ripe" mangoes at home.

As a lot of the mangoes found refuge in my lil girls lil tummy, we also got to taste the yummy goodness of the king of fruits.

Today i was planning on making ,the kerala mango kadhi or maangaa kaalan മാങ്ങ  കാളന്‍  or maampazha pulisherri മാമ്പഴ പുലിഷെറി , but ran short of coconut. Then is surfed the net for some tangy curry with mango and found a super duper recipe ...........spicy,saucy and tangy!!! 


The tanginess of the curry and the sweet,spicy flavours come alive on your taste buds...rice gets devoured in a jiffy!!


  1. Hey Suchitra! Thanks so much for the kind words - so glad to know that you liked the mango curry! Now my mouth is watering! :) I wish you all the best for a great journey in the blogworld!

    1. Shireen!The pleasure is all mine .....the tangy spicy curry is an instant hit at my house..so i better be following you and trying out all those recipes :)..Thank you for your wishes..The blog is a new thing for me ,I am pretty clueless about many things.I guess i will figure them out..bit by bit! see you around