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This is a popular curry from kerala...a must in sadya[it is also called aayiram curry as it signifies the presence of 1000 curries in it].
This was not a very popular dish in my home ,till the time Ammamma and Muthasha [thats what my kids call my mom and dad] came to stay,one summer.
It was Vishu , the Malayalee New Year,and Ammamma was in full form.The kids love to help her around in the kitchen whenever she's visiting or ewhen we go to "Ammamma house" in Secunderabad.

My mom weaves a story around every chore and makes it fun for them.She told them the story of how Bhima made avial [shall elaborate on that story when i post the  Avial recipe] , How Nala was the bestest cook in the world etc etc...

That Vishu, she told Abhay [my son] that in many places when there was famine ,Vishu and Onam would be celebrated with just rice and aayiram curry.Aayiram means one thousand ,in malayalam.This one curry has the status of thousand curries together.Must be one helluva curry :)

He was eager to taste it,and  Ammamma...ever obliging,did the honors. To say the least,it was the most popular curry ,amongst the sambar,mangakaalan,olan,kootu curry,avial...
It has ever since become Abhay's favorite curry. :D

 Inji Thair [yogurt based ginger flavored curry]

We need
 1/2 coconut grated,
3 to 4 green chillies,
1 cup yogurt and 
an inch pc of ginger.

Grind the coconut,ginger and chillies to a paste.
Add beaten yogurt and  enough salt.
Tadka with mustard seeds,red chillies ,fenugreek seeds and curry leaves...
Serve with steamed rice and pappadams.
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