Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Palak Pulao {Spinach Pulao}

This is a family favorite ,light ,tasty and nutritious rice dish....moreover its my darling moms recipe .

The best part of this pulao is ,that its a whole meal in itslf and is so easy to make.
Try it and you will know.

Serve with cool dahi,salad and crisps

 Palak Pulao...

Palak two bunches chopped
Cinnamon one pc
Cardamom 2
Clove 4
Bay leaf 1
Cumin/jeera 1 tsp
Green chilly to taste
Garlic ( now this is my addition ..hihihi) 3 to 4 cloves minced
Tumeric 1/2 tsp
Rice two cups

In addition to palak..i add half a bunch of methi leaves too..flavour go two steps higher....

Heat oil in a cooker.
Add cumin , cloves, cardamom , cinnamon, bayleaf...once fragrant , add the green chillies n garlic.
Add the turmeric
Add chopped palak and if adding methi , or any other green leafy veggies..add that too.

Saute till water is almost evaporated... Not fully though.
Add the rice and four cups of water.
Mix..add salt to taste and a dollop of ghee or butter.

Pressure cook for two whistles on high.

Open after the pressure is fully released.
Serve hot with dahi, achar, salad and papad...ran out of pappad...hence served chips.

Pet aur dil bhar gaya

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