Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Bulgur Wheat Upma

Bulgur Wheat Upma... Or just.. apna Dalia Upma

My dad loves this nashta that my mom makes often...
To speak the truth.. I never quite liked it,in my childhood... Too healthy n boring for a teenager 😜
But off late.. I have been drooling thinking of this filling and easy breakfast option. 
Mom gave me the recipe on phone..am sure she was thinking.... Bachpan ka naatak sab bhool gayi.. Abhi recipe chahiye😜

It is such a simple rustic recipe...
So you won't get wowed by the recipe.. But one spoonful and I am sure you will love it. (exact words from my lil girl.. Who polished off a plate of the upma)

Dalia 1cup
Mustard seeds 1tsp
Urad dal (split) 1tsp
Chana dal1tsp
Cashew (optional) -a few
Ground nut- a few
Chopped onion 1
Chopped green chilly 2
Curry leaves a few
Chopped coriander
Juice of half a lime
Water 2 and 1/2cups

Heat a kadhai with a mix of oil and ghee.
Splutter the mustard, add jeera, cashew, ground nuts, urad dal, chana dal and saute til golden.. Add the chopped onions, green chilly and the curry leaves.
Once the onions turn transparent, add the dalia and fry till most of them puff to a white colour...
Add a pinch of turmeric (optional)..saute.
Add the water, enough salt, a dash of jaggery(optional) and juice half a lime.
Mix well.... Add the chopped coriander.
Wait for it to boil and reduce heat to a medium.
Let most of the water boil out and the mix thicken.
Leave a lil moisture in..
Take off heat and keep tightly covered for 5to 10mins.

Open the lid and fork the upma....
Serve hot with some pickle and some shakkar /sugar/jaggery

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