Monday, 5 May 2014

Fly away Pickle :)

Holidays are here...summer heat is also here..though not very welcome,it does bring in its share of gifts. Apart from undesirable "gifts" like sunburn,prickly heat and sun stroke...,we do get to indulge in summer fruits..mangoes,watermelon...yumm.

I am in awe of people who pickle foods and use the yumminess later.Perfect way of preserving one seasons offerings right through the other seasons.

When a dear friend Mona ,asked me if I could pack some of the mango pickle for her to take back home to Muscat,I was surprised.I never felt I made top class pickles.
I was happy that my family loved the pickles and preserves I made ,to think that someone else would want to have some...was very flattering :)

Well,I decided to make a whole new lot of mango pickle for her.
I made a traditional avakkai pickle ,a famous pickle from Andhra Pradesh.
Bite size raw mango chunks sundried and then mixed with Sesame oil and red hot spices and condiments.

I sundried them once more after they were made,just to prevent any chances of moulding,lateron.

Had the pickle packed ,sealed and tagged[thanx to my super hubby ] a day before she arrived.

She was very pleased to see the bottle, I was the one having spicy regurgitations...What if she didnt like it?What if it was too spicy?too salty?..what if it leaked??????

Mona has taken her flight to Muscat and I am waiting with bated breath ...for a all clear !
Mona sweetly whatsapped that the pickle was a hit ..and thankfully no complains about leaks or breaks.

Mission accomplished!!Paaras Vignettes is official ..packed ,tagged and all.... :)
mango chunks with a coating of salt and turmeric 


Some spice added to the sundrying mango

Whole lot of spices and oil mixed in with a heavy dose of garlic

one more lot of sun cooking before being bottled 
all bottled and packed.

Paaras Vignettes all set to go abroad!!
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