Friday, 28 February 2014

Ketchup...My shtyle ;)

Have you ever been stocked out of ketchup??? Well ,I do sound like a tv ad,but running out of ketchup is the ultimate sin, at least to my 9yr old daughter.
Amma!!!No ketchup???? and then comes the pouty face...Gritting my teeth,i tell her.. 'Who told you that ,baby?.Amma made some ...' :| ...Gulp!!!
 I did save my skin then,but ...ketchup???really? hahaha...ComeOnnnnnn!

Ok,now that I had told her,I had to "produce" it too ....
My son was pretty sure that I would finally make him dash to the grocers and sneak in a bottle of ketchup,but my ego was being put to the test :) ..It couldn't be that tough.Could it????????

Well..I took a deeeeep breath and set my mind ticking...tick tock!

I had just done my vegetable shopping and the tomato basket was over flowing with juicy red tomatoes...nothing could stop me now!!

I took the plunge....


Tomatoes-6 plump ones
Beet root- 1/2
Onion -1 medium
Garlic -6
brown sugar/Jaggery[thats what I had,thats what i used!]-6 tbsp
Salt to taste
Vinegar -a splash of it
a tbsp of cooking oil


I blended  the tomatoes,beetroot ,onion,garlic to a smooth paste.
Heated a tbsp of oil and poured the blended "sauce" in.
Boil .
Add the brown sugar or jaggery ,salt and vinegar.
Boil ,Boil ,Boil...
The consistency reaches your expectation?Take it off the fire now...
Cool and in bottles and keep refrigerated as I did not add any preservative ,in particular.

Boil ,Boil ,Boil.. :)
What do i say,the ketchup was a big hit. 
I used it generously over the chicken meat loaf I made the next day.The beetroot gives the ketchup such  rich colour and texture.Absolutely loved it.

Chicken Meat Loaf-Recipe coming up soon

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